Design Partner for Investors

IXDS labs partners with Venture Capital firms on an executive level, ensuring design and product quality in all portfolio companies.
The trend is clear, and the numbers don’t lie: to be a hit with customers, every user-facing startup should have a design co-founder with strong product expertise. Read more about this on our page Your Design Co-Founder.

We believe that every investment firm should have at least one design partner on executive level to deal with the changing requirements of an increasingly demanding consumer market. Design is so much more than just a pretty interface; it shapes how a product works, how the user interacts with it, how it meets a need and how the business and service is built around it.

As one of Germany’s leading design consultancies, IXDS has a 10 year track-record in designing and prototyping the future for global organizations. IXDS labs brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience into the mix, with serial startup founders at the helm.

For VCs

As your design partner, we will:

  • Define your design strategy
  • Screen potential investment candidates for design fitness (analysis of current design, assessment of current designers, support recruiting efforts)
  • Scout for IoT startups with potential
  • Be your local representative/POC in Berlin or Munich (if you don’t have an office there)
  • Provide an annual design trends report (focus on the European tech scene)
For Portfolio Startups

For the startups, we will:

  • Provide mentorship on design-related matters
  • (Re)define their design before/after raising next round
  • Build hardware prototypes to test feasibility and/or user interaction
  • Connect them to manufacturers and mentors in the hardware / production space
  • Invite them to our design-focused events with networking opportunities

If your are an investor or VC who sees the value in design, we’d love to speak with you. Get in touch here.