Hello, I am
David Normington

Service Designer
Understand it. Imagine it. Make it happen.

David is a Service Designer at IXDS Munich, involved in a variety of projects, from initial user-centered research to concept development and visualization.

Originally from Sheffield, England, David has education and experience as a designer, a filmmaker and a teacher, and over the last decade has lived and worked in Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Bangladesh. He is a graduate of Integrated Design from Köln International School of Design (Germany), Industrial Design from Umeå Institute of Design (Sweden), and of Film Production from the Arts Institute Bournemouth (UK).

His aim at IXDS is to directly apply critical creative thinking to explore and understand the interactions between humans and the stuff that we make.

In his spare time, David is a watcher of weird cinema, a reader of pulp science fiction and a cooker of spaghetti sauces.

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