Hello, I am
Danijel Kurinčič

Interaction Designer
User experience happens in miliseconds of joy, hours of frustration and years of habits. Is it possible to do it right the first time?

As an interaction designer, Danijel makes digital interfaces usable, effective, and delightful. 

Danijel has a background in business IT, is a technology enthusiast and coder, and has the ability to understand peoples’ behavior in details and in masses. This mix enables him to be a good generalist who understands the business side, technological background and the behaviors of users well – a perfect mix required to make product experiences a joy. What really makes him tick are the details of micro user behaviors when they interact with machines of all sorts. There’s no doubt that machines and technology of the future bring a special spark to Danijel's eyes. 

After his graduation in Business Information Technology in Ljubljana, Danijel quickly realised how much he loves tech products. He learned how to code and user-test his projects, which brought him to design UX for all sorts of projects. He then gained experiences in quite a broad range of projects over various digital platforms and industries. He worked for agencies, with corporations and freelanced with startups. 

Danijel doesn't work, he lives what he does. Even while ski-touring the Alps, he thinks of the future of mobility and feasibility of autonomous cars. When he is multi-day trekking, he is reinventing, redesigning and researching the usability of camping and hiking gear. When he is sailing, he is studying team dynamics and the interfaces of navigational computers. Shopping for a washing machine is a study of that experience and buying a car is a research on the car business. It seems that for him, life is an exercise in curiosity. 

Connect with Danijel on LinkedIn and check out his Medium page.