Corporate Innovation Champion

Activate startup speed and agility within your organization.
It's no secret; industry leaders have already realized that startups are on to something - especially when it comes to disrupting existing business models and pioneering bold new ideas. With our deep knowledge of design thinking and startup expertise, we  are offering a unique opportunity - to just one company per year - to become our Corporate Innovation Champion.   

Many companies have tried building their own lab or accelerator, only to find it's a costly, risky and time-consuming project, with no guarantees of tangible results. If you want to promote real innovation and agility within your corporation, it's vital to be open to change and willing to learn. With IXDS labs, you can participate in a 12 month partnership which will have lasting benefits to your company culture, using a startup approach to create user-centred products and services - resulting in new and happy customers.  

Our Corporate Innovation Champion Offer

Once a year, we will form an official partnership with an industry leader. Together we will work on identifying a topic around which IXDS labs will revolve for 12 months. Topics can be limited to any specific IXDS HUB: #participatory health, #connected living, #seamless mobility, #smart manufacturing, or can span across them. We will promote your brand and the topic by facilitating a series of events around it. As the official partner of IXDS labs, your brand will be in focus at our events throughout the year.

Additionally we will build 3 startups projects in this space; either together with ambitous employees from your company, or stand-alone as a startup team for hire. We are as flexible as your needs are diverse.

To help you strengthen your startup network we will organize 3 workshops where employees from your company meet innovative startups to exchange their views, exploring synergies and working on ideas for cooperations. Perhaps even a joint venture. This process is likely to feed into the 3 startups projects that are being done during the partnership year.

The package


  • 3 pre-work talks
  • 1 hackathon
  • 3 startup MVPs 
  • 'Startup for Hire' team
  • 3 workshops with established startups
  • 12 months backstage access to the startup scene
The Benefits


  • Catalyst for innovational culture within your company
  • Promotion of your brand at IXDS events
  • 3 potential new products/services
  • Network to startups & personal introductions
  • Status symbol of Corporate Innovator
  • Agile startup method training for your employees
Find out more

To learn more about the requirements for becoming our Corporate Innovation Champion and who it is made for, contact

Read more about our experience with the startup approach on our page Open Innovation for Corporations.