Hello, I am
Constantin Wolf

Creative Technologist
Bridging disciplines is the most important step towards a truly innovative and sustainable future.

Constantin is a Creative Technologist at IXDS, where he loves to find the best of various solutions for a challenge.

Prior to starting at IXDS in 2015, he studied computer engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin as a bachelor and master student. Besides this, he worked for Telekom Innovation Laboratories as a student researcher. In this time, he learned to develop and evaluate hardware and software components of projects. He realized multiple hardware prototypes in different research fields and other areas of application like human-computer interaction, large display interaction and rapid manufacturing. Two of his research papers were published at an international conference (SIGCHI).

Constantin's aim at IXDS is to analyze and fuse the knowledge of design and all different kind of sciences to generate meaningful concepts, solutions and products for our society in a sustainable world.

In his leisure time, Constantin enjoys cycling, boarding down alpine slopes and at home crafting things with wood and other materials.

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