Hello, I am
Christiane Holzheid

Design is giving shape to the unexpected

Christiane has been part of the IXDS Team since 2010. As a concept designer and mixed-media specialist, she is involved in and responsible for different varieties of interaction, interface and design research projects. She has been leading teams for VW and the BMW Group, among others, in the field of Seamless Mobility.

She received her MFA from the Art Center College of Design (Los Angeles) in 2009 with an emphasis on design research, and received a bachelor of fine arts in illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art and Design (Baltimore) after studying graphic design at the Akademie U5 (Munich).

Before she joined IXDS she gained international experience working at different agencies and projects for clients like Samsung, Sid Lee, Jangled Nerves, Lunar Europe, The Marketing Arm, BBC, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA).

Her concept strategies for tangible interaction in the area of interactive-media and design research (e.g., music, automotive) are based on a holistic approach, where empirical data as well as cultural and communicative knowledge are being applied.

As part of her project dedication and sporty attitude, Christiane loves power sprints to the finish line as much as a steady long distance pace, and perfectly teamed up relays.

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