Hello, I am
Andrej Balaz

Interaction Designer
Innovation is not magic, it is a process of understanding people's lives.

Andrej currently works as a full-stack User Experience Designer with skills and experience in service, interaction and visual design. He helps clients to ask the right questions in order to understand their customers and create meaningful services that enhance their daily lives.

Before joining IXDS, Andrej gained over 5 years of experience helping agencies and tech start-ups in Berlin and Bremen to conceptualize and execute projects, ranging from simple apps to digital services. Andrej has worked for brands such as Bosch, Die Sparkasse, Vodafone, Porsche, Kellogg’s and many others. 

Prior to this, Andrej obtained a Master’s Degree in Design for Digital Media at the University of the Arts Bremen, where he focused on understanding the mechanics of participation in interaction design.

Andrej is currently engaged in researching the intersection of service design and business strategy. Bridging the gap between understanding people's needs and business modelling, Andrej co-hosts a meet-up for the innovation framework Jobs-to-be-Done in Berlin. He is actively engaged in the service design community in Berlin and is happy to share his perspectives on creating services and products that customers value.

At IXDS, Andrej aims to establish a holistic and customer-centered product design process that combines business modelling with user experience design. 

Driven by insatiable curiosity, Andrej loves to photograph the everyday aesthetics of nature and architecture and jump into states of temporary freedom by attending music and art festivals such as Burning Man. A true cosmopolitan, Andrej holds a special place in his heart for international food and culture and speaks five languages.

You can connect with Andrej on LinkedIn and Twitter.