Hello, I am
Andreea Strachină

Business Designer
Changing the world, one business at a time

Andreea is a Business Designer, passionate about helping organisations discover new sustainable business & operational models.

Andreea is a highly-skilled and enthusiastic strategist, passionate about bringing together design and business. She has more than 10 years experience in working with entrepreneurs and corporate leaders in progressively challenging and diverse roles, and has since been learning by doing. She has lead teams and operations in start-ups and the creative sector in a variety of roles. Since moving to Berlin, Andreea been contributing to the development of Business Design as a discipline as part of two German studios.

Prior to Business Design, Andreea worked as an Expansion Lead & Growth Manager in mobility, and Head of Digital Strategy & Digital Business Unit Manager for Leo Burnett. At her core, Andreea is a journalist by training and a human rights activist.  She is resilient, emphatic, a self-starter and team-oriented.