Hello, I am
Alexander Roland

Project Lead
Creating great ideas, like sculpting, involves removing noise to uncover what matters.

Alexander leads innovation projects and builds new client partnerships as a Solution Owner in our Consulting Excellence team. Drawing upon more than 5 years of experience with diverse methodologies and various industries, he finds the optimal solution for every circumstance to create more meaningful products and interactions.

He received an MA in Communications & Cultural Sciences from Zeppelin University, graduating with a master’s thesis on User Experience Research. This curiosity for uncovering how people create meaning in connection with products, brands or cultures led to several innovation projects in the communications industry and Berlin’s startup economy.

After continuous training in service design practices and lean methodologies, he was a founding team member of a music technology company in 2013 and a fellow of the Hardware.co Accelerator program. In a later assignment as director of the Entrepreneur’s Pledge network, Alexander facilitated the creation of purpose-oriented businesses and led an association of sustainable-thinking entrepreneurs. This focus on people, contexts, and purpose proved valuable in his role as an innovations consultant, with managing projects and building client partnerships ultimately becoming the center of his attention.

On his fifth day, Alexander spends time producing music, collecting records and reading football tactics blogs.

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