Hello, I am
Alexander Baasner

Passion for numbers, love for people

Alexander joined IXDS as Chief Financial Officer. In his role, he oversees financial management of the company as well as providing guidance to the team. He is always striving to increase the efficiency, security and quality of IXDS’s financial reporting and streamline the business side of things, as well as help people grow to their full potential.

After graduating from the University of Mannheim in 2003, he gained experience in a variety of diverse work settings including corporate controlling, agency work, education and serving as the Head of Finance for an NGO before joining IXDS in 2018. 

Outside of IXDS, he continues to explore his interest in business as a qualified Systemic Coach and helping out with voluntary work in the community. On his 5th day, he likes to spend his time meditating, gardening, or with his family.

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